Gabicci is an Italian inspired brand created by Jack Sofier and Alex Pyser. Alex and Jack decided to create Gabicci, a brand styled with an air of class and authority; after a trip to the Italian seaside town of Gabicci Mare.

Gabicci Menswear

Since its inception in 1973, Gabicci has been worn by a variety of celebrities including Bob Marley and The Specials. More recently, Gabicci’s recognisable ‘gold G’ logo has been seen on the likes of Labrinth and Maverick Sabre.

With its bold and vibrant colour palette, unique fabrics, buttons and lining; attention to detail and originality is at the heart of every Gabicci collection.

Our Gabicci range

We currently have a wide range of products in stock including:

All products are manufactured with the finest quality yarns and fabrics, ensuring that style is complimented by quality and comfort.