Father’s Day - What to buy the man who has everything

Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day. They come around collectively every year. If you’re hitting a certain age, as am I, then you’ll have racked up a few of them and certainly wracked your brains for what to buy ‘Dad’ on each occasion. So, we find ourselves a couple of weeks away from D Day again. Whatever I can think of to get for my own father, he already has and probably because I’ve already gifted it to him; twice, at least.

This year then, I’m proposing to go back to basics. Simple, no-nonsense gifts. Here’s my definitive list for what to buy for Father’s Day; when you care, but you don’t care anymore.

There are the usual suspects; namely socks. The notion that socks are a dull, superfluous gift is one of the biggest modern day myths. True, they may be a little uninspired, but in actual fact, who doesn’t appreciate, not to mention, need, a brand new pair of socks? Plus, nothing says ‘you’re a Dad’ better than being on the receiving end of a pair of socks.

A gift box of bright and boldly patterned socks will always look like a thoughtful, respectable present and the 3PP Gift Box of Viyella Socks is available in a wide variety of options. Plus, if you call Asbury and Pell Customer Services, they will let you customise your selection.

Wallets and washbags are functional Father’s Day favourites too. A stylish leather option will appear generous, without being excessive. As examples, the Lyndon Leather Washbag from The British Bag Company is a smart looking shape in a high quality leather and the Viyella Wallet Gift Box contains an elegant brown leather wallet and matching keyring.

Lastly, a classic shirt is a classic ‘dad’ gift. If he has a stalwart favourite, such as the Gabicci Z05, the Farah Drayton or the Ben Sherman Oxford Shirt, then you can’t get it wrong. Otherwise, a plain long sleeved shirt, preferably white, by a premium make such as Seidensticker is a safe bet, as is a basic check shirt, such as the Ben Sherman House Check Shirt or the Peter Gribby Linen/Cotton Checked Shirt (PS18114).

Incidentally, all Peter Gribby and Lizard King shirts are Buy One Get One Free in the run up to Father’s Day, so you could double up this year. Or kill two birds and put one away until Christmas!