Asbury & Pell

Our original own label collection.

Nobody knows knitwear better than we do. Having sourced and stocked all of the brands you love for many years, we’ve swotted up on exactly what it takes to design a top notch sweater. Added to that, we understand what you, our valued customers, want. Muster up all of that knowledge and the result is an unmissable range of expertly crafted jumpers.

Our distinguishing features

Incredible value for money
When we set out to create a new range of knitwear, one of our end goals was to ensure that we were producing the best quality product possible for an affordable and sustainable price.

Modern, Classic Fits
We understand that our customers want to feel at ease in what they wear. Contemporary, slim fits are not everyone’s cup of tea, but equally a classic fit can sometimes feel too cumbersome. Our knitwear is modelled on a regular fit, but tailored to be slightly more form fitting.

Superior Fabrics
We’ve expertly selected our yarns to be sure that our fabrics are fit for purpose. For instance, we only use 100% finest Italian merino wool in our merino jumpers, so that we can guarantee all of the natural properties of the fibres are preserved.

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